Northeast Transit Fine Art Services, Inc.

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Waterville, NY 13480

Phone: (315) 841-3443
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Shuttle Schedule

Mondays:Pickups throughout the following states (Eastern Ohio, upstate New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, & Massachusetts.
Tuesdays:Deliveries and pickups in the Downstate New York area as well as Metro New York City, Connecticut, Rhode Island & New Jersey.
Wednesdays:Deliveries throughout the New England states.
Thursdays:Deliveries for upstate New York, Western Pennsylvania.
Fridays:Are designated for finishing up anything we didn’t get done Monday – Thursday.
Northeast Transit Enterprises TrucksNote: Shuttle schedules are filled on a first come – first serve basis. Be sure to schedule your shipment well in advance to ensure you receive your shipment in plenty of time. There are occasions when schedules get delayed due to weather or traffic issues.



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